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The Cloud242 platform lets your business collect and store data from external devices such as sensors, connected devices, smart meters, and other IT systems. Once collected the data can be shared, visualised, analysed and organised using your own business ontology.


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Software Development

We design bespoke software specifically for your business. Our customised solutions reduce time-to-market, enhance safety and efficiency and maximise the potential of your assets. Our highly specialised technical experts are at the forefront of software development and offer innovative solutions and practical answers to every challenge.

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IoT & M2M

Our Fusion of Things technology provides a modern, flexible platform for the management of data from smart meters, sensors, and other IoT devices. Integrate with other services such as AWS IoT or use it stand-alone.

Cloud Services

We provide a range of services via the Amazon, IBM and Google cloud infrastructures. These services include server provision, databases, queue management and big data solutions.

Data Collection

Our team has specialised expertise in collecting data from any source. Our technologies provide high-speed data processing and storage capabilities and the ability to distribute internally, to customers, and 3rd parties.

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Customer Highlights

Since 2008 we have provided services for enterprise-scale organisations, small businesses, and charities.